Family Support

“Be More Ben is an anchor to us and a consistent support in dealing with our grief. Our whole family benefit both individually and together in their support groups and such”


“Wonderful charity, providing support for our family that we were unable to access before. Have met and spent enjoyable time with fellow bereaved parents that we would not have had contact with before. In particular, the counselling has been a huge support,...

Be More Ben

“I think this charity is amazing. I couldn’t ask for more” “It means so much to be offered support from families who understand and have likewise suffered the loss of a child” “Be More Ben is a great charity and has really helped us...

Dad’s Groups

“It was a great idea for the dads group as we get to have a few beers and some food together and socialise. Getting out and meeting people in the same boat.”

Coffee Mornings

“It’s been great. We look forward to the coffee mornings to get together and have a chat and see others. As a family, we look forward to any meeting with yourselves as it gives us all a normal chance of a chat without the awkwardness”

Family Groups

“Be More Ben has been amazing. It has given us the opportunity to talk about our loss. And meet other families in similar situations. It has been so valuable. It has helped myself, husband and my mum. I know my mum in particular had no other support as...

Be More Ben

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without Be More Ben – their support has been incredible. And I really recognise how much they care and what dedication they put into this charity – thank you”


“We were so grateful to be part of the retreat. This was life changing. To be so relaxed, try new things, be with others who just ‘got it’. My outlook on life changed. I felt like a weight had lifted. After the weekend away it was the first time...