Peer-led Support

Be More Ben's Trustees and a team of ambassadors have worked tirelessly to provide a full and diverse programme of support to parents and families affected by the death of a child.

Be More Ben Activity Calendar

We want to offer quality events that are not only enjoyable, and a safe space to meet others who understand the enormity of losing a child, but also enable participants to build a toolkit of resilience and self-care. We’ve listened to your feedback and have included some new and exciting offerings for 2024.

To receive your copy please send us an email with the subject ‘Activity Calendar 2024’.


Be More Ben Parents Group

We run regular, informal coffee mornings for bereaved parents to meet with others who completely understand what losing a child is like. Our venues are always child friendly and are in a great location to take advantage of local walks. On occasions, we are joined by professionals who can offer support through #bemoreben.

Be More Ben Virtual Parents Group

We have the option to run our Virtual Parents Meetings alongside our face-to-face groups to provide additional, regular support for parents wherever you are in the country. These sessions are friendly and informal providing a safe space to ‘virtually’ meet with other bereaved parents from the comfort of your own home.

Be More Ben Family Group

We noticed when Ben died that there was very little support for bereaved grandparents and none for other family members like aunts and uncles. Not only does the extended family have to cope with their own loss, they often have to provide the majority of the support for bereaved parents and siblings. Our Sunday Lunches are friendly and informal and allow whole families to meet others also affected by the death of a child so they can build support networks and friendships. 

Be More Ben Dad’s Group

We are aware there is very little ongoing support for men so we set up our Dad’s group. A friendly and informal opportunity for bereaved dads to meet up with other people who understand what it is like when your child dies. Depending on numbers, this invitation is extended to other male family members: step-dads, granddads, uncles and older brothers (18+) who have also been affected by the death of the child.

Be More Ben Sibling’s Group

We run a really special Family Day out each year with lots of treats for bereaved siblings. For children, knowing they are in the company of others who have lost a brother or sister can be a great comfort – whether they choose to talk about it or not is up to them!

We also offer families the opportunity to make new memories together (and take time to remember the child they have lost) with day passes to Longleat during the month of August. For more information, please contact 

Ongoing Counselling

Consistency is so important when your life has been so full of change, which is why we offer ongoing counselling to parents whose child has died, for as long as it’s needed. We work with a number of highly qualified counsellors who are experienced in working with bereavement and loss. Sessions are available by referral only and are offered at a mutually convenient time, either in person or virtually. We also work with play therapists who can support children and we can also offer EMDR sessions, hypnotherapy and music therapy.

To receive a referral form or for more information, please contact

Supporting Your Well-Being 

Grief can be all consuming. Additionally, if you have cared for your child while they are unwell, taking time for you is almost impossible. We are delighted to offer wellness events throughout the year including yoga and meditation, complimentary therapies, online classes and mindfulness sessions as well as wellness events and retreats. We offer bereaved parents the opportunity to take some time themselves to support their mental health and well-being.

Be More Ben Care Boxes 


Our luxury care boxes are for newly bereaved parents and are full of things that Shane and Sarah received in the days, weeks and months after Ben died that helped them through the really tough days. If you are recently bereaved of a child under 18, know someone who is or you work with families in end of life care and would like to arrange a care box, please contact