How can you #bemoreben?

Be More Ben has no staffing or overhead costs. Every penny raised goes straight to those who need it most.

Any donation of time or money will have a hugely positive impact for our families.


Help us:

  • Join one of our fundraising events.
  • Sponsor a cause or make a monthly donation.
  • Be a corporate sponsor.
  • Become a Be More Ben Ambassador.
  • Volunteer your time or skills to help us run an activity.
  • No money? No problem! Like, follow and share our social media – we may not be relevant to you but could be a lifeline to someone you know.

£5 will pay for a coffee at one of our parent groups  |  £10 covers a space at one of our wellness activities  |  £15 funds a place at our family group  |  £20 pays for a place at our dad’s group  |  £50 means we can fund a place on a creative workshop  |  £150 will fund a care box for newly bereaved parents  |  £250 will cover the cost of 6 counselling sessions.


Limited companies pay less corporation tax when they give money to charity!